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Zombie Beanie Hats:
Keep your brains warm with these adorkable zombie beanie hats! Simple to make and very budget friendly, this is a great DIY program for the fall and winter. Zombies are quite cool these days thanks to Plants vs Zombies and the Walking Dead, so these warm hats will appeal to both guys and gals into the ghoulish side of life.


To get started you will need: 

* Cheap gray hats (picked mine up for a dollar, at Dollar Tree),
(Our beanies were made using a kind of chenille hat, but I think knit caps are probably a bit more durable)   
* Craft felt in black, white, red, and pink
* Tacky glue
* Scissors
* Permanent markers for details
* 4YA Zombie Beanie Hat pattern 

 To make the beanie:

1. Download the 4YA Zombie Beanie Hat pattern here.
2. Cut out the pattern and use as a guide for cutting out the felt zombie bits
3. Glue the back of the base shapes, and apply to the hat.
4. Glue the accompanying shapes and layer on top of base shapes
5. Use permanent marks to make details on the brains. Yum!
6. Let hats set for 24-hours before wearing.

One of the latest and greatest advancements in the DIY world is Sugru, a new moldable silicone putty that has endless possibilities and uses. Sugru is like any other modeling polymer clay, but cures after 24-hours into a bond-able silicone. Hackers and DIYers have been singing their praise about this new wonder clay and have dreamed up some pretty amazing project ideas including, protective bumpers and cases for tech devices, custom grips, custom-molded earbuds.

They say if you can make something out of modeling clay you can use Sugru. Working with the Sugru material is also super easy. Just open the package, and roll the putty in your hands for about half a minute to warm it up and make it supple. It can then be molded in any way you want it. Curing starts in about 30 minutes and cures completely within 24 hours. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to work with.

With so many youth orgs incorporating DIY projects into their programming, Sugru makes an excellent project medium to work with, as both hackers, crafters and techies will find a myriad of ways to create with it. We have listed some of our favorite ideas below to get you started. Sugru comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and six packets in a single color will run you $9. For more information and project ideas visit  Sugru.com

Stylus for touch screen devices
How to make a case out of a book for your tablet computer 
Protective phone bumpers
Customize your sneaks
LEGO projects  with Sugru
Cable caddy 
Textured stamps 
Beaded necklace 
LEGO minifig pen  
Angry birds cable holders

 If there is one thing that unites all Millennials it is their desire to make a positive difference in the world. Left with a challenging employment and internship environment, young people are now looking for personally rewarding opportunities to make an impact and get real world job experience. Wanting to capitalize on this social trend, the British Red Cross have launched an innovative engagement campaign to recruit a new generation of socially conscious youth into their organization. With a combination of social media initiatives, viral videos and in-field recruiting, The British Red Cross hope to inspire a whole new generation to join their ranks in their local and global response teams. Although their are many career paths and projects in the British Red Cross, new recruits will be trained in a variety of first response techniques, including providing practical help in crisis emergencies, setting up shelters, distributing emergency food and essentials, short-term care in homes, and life-saving first aid skills.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, was actually founded by a young Swiss idealist Henry Dunant in 1859. Like today's civic minded youth, Dunant wanted to make a difference for those suffering. Inspired by an experience he had witnessing the scene of a bloody battle in Solferino, Italy,  Dunant organized local people to help provide medical attention to wounded soldiers and to feed and comfort them. On his return, he called for the creation of national relief societies to assist those wounded in war, which lead the way to the development of future Geneva Conventions. in 1863, along with five Geneva men, Durant set up the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded and the Red Cross was born. Their work included sending out food parcels, medical supplies, and educational books to communities and countries in need, irregardless of their political status. It's world famous emblem, a red cross on a white background: the inverse of the Swiss flag became an international symbol for humanitarian support and action.  

For more information on  how to apply for a job or volunteer visit the British Red Cross.
Like the British Red Cross on Facebook Follow them on Twitter
For US readers please visit the American Red Cross 

This post has been sponsored by the British Red Cross, but all thoughts are our own

Our favorite travel-based youth outreach campaign  Tourism New Zealand 'Stories Beat Stuff' is back with a new leg of their competition. As reported earlier in the year, Stories Beat Stuff is a multimedia-based contest that encourages young people to go out and see the world, in particular New Zealand, by trading a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of adventure and memories for material belongings. Stories Beat Stuff is based on the philosophy that "you only live once" and that life is all about having memorable experiences and not just about having cool stuff, so as part of the competition,  participants are asked to trade a physical object they value for the chance to win a free experience of a lifetime in New Zealand. The campaign has been a great success and has already sent a bunch of young people around the world  to experience a New Zealand's natural and cultural treasures.

As part of their third phase, Stories Beat Stuff are giving away two new experiences – Culture Kaboom an eco-journey and exploration of Maori culture and City Splendour a trip through New Zealand metro centers of Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland. Of the two 4YA loves the idea of City Splendour, it would be awesome to check out the local youth music and art scene and get a taste of  New Zealand's culinary treasures (hangi bbq anyone?). 

Here are the videos of the winners trips from phase 1 and phase 2 and also the competition’s YouTube channel showing the first trip from phase 2.

Participants can enter by two ways, by making a creative video of what they would be willing to give up or by taking a photo. There is also a second prize draw for voters as well, who by entering on the Stories Beat Stuff Facebook page can win a free flight to NZ! As for me... I would give up my prized custom toy collection for the chance to see New Zealand and try some of that hangi bbq!

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Youth workers will not want to miss 'Inocente:' the new MTV documentary that tells of Inocente Izucar, a young undocumented Latina artist. Produced by Shine Global, a non-profit film production company dedicated to ending child abuse and exploitation, Inocente is a powerful and poignant story about the day-to-day struggles of undocumented youth, and how crucial youth outreach services are to at risk teens. Throughout her difficult youth, Inocente found a spiritual home and refuge in the San-Francisco-based ARTS: A Reason To Survive, a nonprofit organization in San Diego "that provides therapeutic arts programming and education, as well as college and career preparation to children and young adults dealing with homelessness, domestic violence, illness and other major life challenges. The place became a refuge for her — from a distant mother; from a school where she was ridiculed for her face paint; and from a nomadic existence."

Inocente certainly brings the very difficult topics of youth immigration and homelessness to light but is also a powerful story of hope, serving as an inspiration to those struggling to overcome seemingly insurmountably obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. In addition this film would make for a great addition to a cultural diversity program.  Via NYT

For about Innocente and the documentary check out her interview with Teen Vogue.
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